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Indexing is the name designated for the sorting and organization of large volumes of data by research motors available on the Internet (the total number of websites has surpassed 200 million and the number of pages will surpass a billion according to CNN). To allow internet users to find these websites when they search on search engines, the search engine robots look all over websites and spot the most currently used key words via different algorithms.

These days, the majority of the traffic on websites comes from these search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc). It is therefore essential for a website or an application to be referenced under key words in order to allow clients or an audience to find it. From this need, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) arose, a “science” aimed at best placing a website on a given request. In reality, the SEO is not a true science but more of a group of good practices aimed at progressing the classification of a website. And because there is no miracle solution to make a website appear first in searches, it has been proven that a multilingual SEO is a true growth relay for websites that have taken the plunge.

One of the foundations of SEO is the presence of key words in your website that Internet users then enter into the search box of their preferred search engine. The importance of having a website written in Spanish is if you want someone who speaks Spanish to find your website. In this way, Reverso Localize is a strong ally in your approach to extend your international reach.  Contrary to other translation solutions that don’t do anything except advise a different version to their users, Reverso Localize generates a complete website, in multiple languages, functional and ready to be indexed. Also, through translating your website with Reverso Localize, you are not doing anything except allowing eventual visitors to your website to read it in their first language. But you are also allowing internet users who haven’t ever been on your website to find it through searching in their first language.

The other cornerstone of SEO is the creation of links to your website. Also, to guarantee it an even better reference, we do not recommend anything except what you advise to be linked to your French (English) website with your Reverso Localize website – this article can help you. What’s more, we can offer you, free of charge, a link from our platform. This link is of great value because our domain name enjoys an excellent reputation on main search engines.

As useful and vital as indexing is, we also offer you the choice to not reference your website. The result of not indexing your website translated by Reverso Localize is that the search engines do not direct to your website. That can be desirable, if, for example, you were running a service test phase (you do not want visitors directed to the website before everything is completely tested). Of course, even if you choose not to index your website at this moment, the possibility of doing so later remains via the Reverso Localize interface.


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