How do I update the content of my translated website?


The procedure for updating the translation of your website following an update of the original is relatively simple. Login in on the Reverso Localize interface.

Go to the page “Job details” and:

1. Click on “Relaunch job” under the section “Data retrieval”

2. Revise the new parts of your website

3. Click on “Republish” under the section “Publication”

If you did revisions on the translation the first time, there is nothing to worry about. They are saved and reapplied to your new translation without any action on your part.

With this action, your website is not offline at any moment and its address doesn’t change. It allows you to control the updates in a totally transparent manner.

We are currently thinking of implementing a system that automatically begins an update as soon as an update of your original site changes.


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