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A new feature that will help you obtain a translated website with a design that is in keeping with the original is now on the Reverso Localize revision interface. This feature offers you the possibility to spot the segments that are longer in the target language than the source language by marking them in red.

Thus, you will be able to restructure the text in a more concise way to ensure that titles don’t take up two lines, that lists that are too long don’t encroach upon the text and that your images don’t disappear from the page.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Go to the page Job Details
  2. Click on Revise
  3. On the bar on the bottom of the page, click on the following icon:
  4. Text that is too long is now shortened and displayed in red. You can edit it and once it is returned to the original size, the text will return to its original color.
  5. Once you have finished, click on the icon to go back to normal mode.

Will visitors to my website see the shortened text?

Don’t worry. Your visitors will not see the shortened version. This indicator is available only during the revision of your pages.

Is it serious if I still have some text in red after having revised the whole page?

No, what is important is the preservation of your website’s page setting. Thus, it is not a problem if the target language text is longer than that of the source language.

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