Improve the quality of your translated websites thanks to crowdsourcing


After the integration of a reviewing system, Flavius is continuing to develop towards an increasingly open platform of crowdsourcing with the latest functionality: a module that allows you to get users’ opinions on the published versions of your websites. You will now to be able to improve the quality of your websites’ translations.



The feedback module that we have implemented allows visitors to your localized site to leave their opinion on two particularly important points for you:

•    Translation: an interface is designed so that your users’ remarks reach you already formatted. This will allow you to understand them as easily as possible. Your readers can suggest idiomatic corrections to you there, where necessary.

•    Interface: Good globalization practice advises anticipating a space for localized texts that is 30% larger than that of the text in the original composition language. Although this might not be the case on your site, it is possible that the design is impacted on certain versions (notably those with different alphabets). In this case, an attentive eye can signal a discrepancy for you that you can easily correct. The advice guides users so that they can precisely describe the problem encountered.

•    Free Commentary: for any other commentary that does not fall within the preceding examples.
You can see the results on your project’s page through a dedicated interface.
This module also proposes to people that have left feedback on your site to become (with your permission) reviewers for the language that they have corrected.

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