Call upon friends and acquaintances for a quality translation!

Not so long ago, the translation of a website or a blog into different languages was a long and costly business, requiring the participation of members of several different domains (technical, linguistic, project management, etc.)

It’s for this reason that we have created Flavius, a program that offers the translation of websites and applications, performance tools to improve this translation, and an indexation of the translated version to be visible to the international community.

Even though Flavius allows you to conduct your project by yourself, it is also possible to make an appeal to friends that could help you to obtain the optimal translation of your website or your application. To do this, we have put into place a tool allowing you to invite people to “revise” the translation of your project. This feature is called : “invite reviewer”


Do you want to translate your English site into Spanish? Perfect, Flavius gave you a speedy Spanish translation. The only problem is that you don’t speak Spanish…it’s impossible to know if the technical terms have been translated correctly. You would like a native Spanish speaker to reread the translation and make any necessary corrections.

Why not ask your Mexican friend, Carmen? She understands the activity of your business well and she loves to give a helping hand when her first language is in question. In just a few clicks, you can invite her by email to reread and correct the translation of your website. She can correct and improve the translation directly in context on the translated site, but you remain the project administrator. In other words, she can make changes on the translation but she cannot publish on the translated site. You maintain control over the project.


How to do?

On the job details page, click on “Invite reviewer”. Then, simply fill in your friend’s name, email address, and authorize him/her to make modifications to your project. It is also very easy to restrict his/her access by going through “My account.”

You can reread and modify their contributions, and as only you conserve the right to publish your website, you can rest assured that you maintain control over the entire process.


Interesting tool; but who to invite?
  • Friends that speak the language of the translation you want to refine
  • Colleagues from work
  • Associates (clients, suppliers)
  • People with whom you are in contact on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter (“Help me to have a better Spanish version of my website!”)
  • Readers of your blog: don’t hesitate to make a post asking your readers to lend a helping hand!

On the other hand, if you do not find anyone who can assist you, but you really need people to reread the website, know that we are preparing a partnership with a human translation platform that will give you this professional quality service at a very affordable price. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information on this subject.

What do you think of this new tool? Do you have suggestions or remarks? We are open to all of your suggestions to make this module even more user-friendly for you.

If you have not yet used this tool, test it out from here right now!


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