Revise and format your translated website thanks to the HTML editor


The latest Version of Flavius was put online a short while ago. The newest novelty is the integration of an HTML editor on the revision interface. It allows you to revise and format the content of your translated website as easily as if you were your favorite text editor, without any technical competence required.

Here is the revision window with the HTML editor. (orange box):


You can put your text in bold, in italics, underline it, or edit the links through this interface.

The button that is encircled in red allows you to return to the original version if you have changed  too many things and you would like to start over.

Editing links is easy, no need to understand HTML: everything takes place in a window that allows you to simply define the target of your link.

Little bonus of this new version: communicating directly with us!

Do you have questions? Do you need help or advice? You can now communicate directly with us thanks to an instant messaging service. There you can get access to any page of the site.


Don’t hesitate to test this new version and give us some feedback!



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