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Since  the release of the latest version of Flavius, you have the possibility to export the revisions you have made to the translation of your site or application by using TMX files, or “translation memories”.
A TMX file (Translation Memory Xchange) enables to list text segments, i.e. text parts, in a source language (i.e. original language) and in a target language (i.e. translation language).

Why export your revisions in TMX format?

  • To save the modifications added to the translation of your site or file: even if the revision changes are saved online on Flavius, it is always comforting to keep a copy on your computer.
  • To use your revisions in another translation project: you have already translated your site but you have also a blog which deals with the same subject, it is highly possible that they have certain terms or sentences in common. Having exported the revisions of your site in TMX format will enable you to import them on Flavius as a translation memory. Thus they will be re-used during the translation of your blog, which will save you from revising twice the same text segments!

How to export your revisions:

From the «Job details » page of your project, click on “Export the translation memory”. A popup window containing the settings of this export will open and thus you will be able to configure the file(s) to download by answering the three following questions:

  • What translation languages do you want to export (one or several in particular or all)?
  • Do you want to also export the comments you have made during the revision?
  • In cases where you would have already used a translation memory for this project, do you want to include segments which come from this source (and thus which have not been revised by you afterwards)?

You can also access your TMXs via the “translation memory management” page.


A translation memory is automatically created when you create a new project. You can choose to fill it in or not.

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