Flavius speaks Italian!


Ciao, mondo !

Flavius welcomes a new interface language! After English, French and Spanish, Italian (translated by Flavius, of course) has been added to the list of languages available for your translation projects.

Spoken by over 70 million people across the world (mainly in Italy and Switzerland), Italian is also well represented as a second language in the Balkans.

If you speak Italian and you spot a mistake or a perfectible translation on the website, don’t hesitate to point it out to us through the Contact page: we welcome all your suggestions.

You speak Romanian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese or Russian and you would like to help us develop Flavius at an international level?  Help us translate Flavius in your mother tongue!

You also wish to have a version of your website or application in Italian? Nothing could be easier: start translating in no time with Flavius!



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