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For the last six months, Flavius has been making every effort to make the localization of your website or your application quick and easy.

Today, we take a further step by enabling you to win some time on a step which is not the most interesting of the process, namely the creation of your account! From now on, if you connect to Flavius, you will be able to connect with your Facebook account and you will immediately access to the interface enabling you to launch your translation projects.
No more forms to fill in, nor confirmation emails to receive: everything is simpler!

You have doubts, questions? Discover our FAQ below:

Are you going to publish things on my behalf on Facebook? No. We don’t and we won’t publish anything on Facebook on your behalf. However, we give you the tools enabling you to use the power of this social network to make known your site; it’s up to you to choose if you want to use them.

I don’t have / don’t want to connect with a Facebook account: No problem! The account creation interface still works and it is deliberately very simple (3 fields to fill in!) Do not hesitate to create an account now!

I have already an account on Flavius, but I want to use Facebook Connect: It’s possible! You have probably used the same email address for Flavius and Facebook. During your first connection with Facebook Connect, you will be automatically recognized on Flavius. Just try!

At the moment, we only use Facebook for the connection. But we are planning to benefit from all the social features offered by Facebook and other networks to make the translation of your sites and applications as simple as possible.

Have you got any ideas for using social networks within the context of Flavius? Share your ideas in the comments!

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