Review the translation of your applications becomes child’s play


Flavius has offered, since the beginning, the review of your website in context. In other words, you can visualize your site translated and edit the translations as you navigate; having the context makes the review easier, quicker, and of better quality.

Equally, when you are reviewing the character strings coming from an application, context elements are a precious help to go fast and guarantee an accurate translation.


Today’s good news is that information on the context is now available when you are reviewing your multilingual resources files (files with formats .resX, .po, .pot, .xlf and many others).

In other words, when you are on the review interface, you can see with one click information on the context, i.e. data enabling you to have more precisions on the place where the translated character string is located on the application. This information naturally depends on the format of the file to translate.


It can be of several types:

  • Information on the localization file: line number, comments added by string-extraction tools, etc.
  • Useful information for software developers: source file(s) where the text is used
  • Comments written by humans: as in the example below


Example: Localization of Blender (3D modeling application)

Instant translation of the term “Shorcut” given by Flavius is the word “Raccourci”.

The term “shorcut” is used many times in the Blender application, it’s a true keyword. One must be very careful with its translation. One can for example wonder if “raccourci” is a sufficiently-clear translation, maybe “raccourci clavier” would be more appropriate….


If one looks at the context by clicking on the blue icon (see below), one notices that the software developer has explicitly specified that this term should be kept as short as possible to not disrupt the design. So it is preferable to keep the term “Raccourci” and not “Raccourci clavier” for example.


To conclude, two recommendations: do not hesitate to look at the context when you are reviewing your translations and do not forget to add comments on your application if you are a software developer!

Do you want a new functionality in Flavius? Do not hesitate to provide us any suggestions!



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