The translation of PO files is coming on Flavius!


With the latest version of Flavius, it is now possible to manage PO and POT files. These formats are known by all the software developers as a part of the software world’s most widespread localization solution: Gettext.

Gettext is a tool enabling you to extract “strings” (chains of text) from a great variety of programming language and turn them into “templates” files (POT), which will be then divided in as many files as the number of languages to translate (PO).

These PO files must then be recompiled in MO and reintegrated in the software code.








As soon as you have your PO file (or POT), you can import them on Flavius by using the scenario “My Multilingual Files” and by selecting the “PO/POT” format.

Flavius will translate them, enabling you to review them with all the integrated tools, and to download them as complete PO files afterwards.


If you need more information on the way to use Gettext, the Wikipedia page is a good place to start: 

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