Convert a Word document .DOC in .DOCX

You tried to translate a Microsoft Word (or PowerPoint) document with Reverso Localize and you bumped into this message:


If so, you are in the right page ! Follow the steps to convert a .DOC document in a .DOCX format :

  1. Open your document in Microsoft Word
  2. Click on Save as
  3. You have two fields to fill :
    –          File name : add .v2 at the end
    -          Type : in the dropdown menu, select Word Document (not Word Document Word 97-2003)
  4. Click on Save… that’s it !

You can now click on Update in the “Job details” page in Reverso Localize, than Browse, select the new document (your document.v2) and relaunch the translation project… or you can just create a new translation project.   



If you don’t have the Microsoft Word software, or if your version of the software is to old to offer the DOCX format, you cannot follow the previous solution. No worries! There is a solution with OpenOffice. We will soon publish an article on the subject.

 Translate your Word document with Reverso Localize !


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