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You want to translate an eshop, a dynamic, complex, or substantially large website? You can do it with Reverso Localize. Contact us at

> Ci-dessous la liste des questions que nous vous poserons pour évaluer votre besoin et vous soumettre le devis le plus adapté.

> The 4 simple steps to your translated website

> Focus on our advanced customized machine translation for big translation projects

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Precise your need 

About your demand
–        Source language
–        Desired translation language(s)
–        Number of words in your project: approximately 20.000.000 words
–        Format of your texts: XML? CSV?
–        Do you have the necessary skills to extract / reinstate the translated texts in-house?
–        Are you looking for a “one shot” translation service, or a system integrating the update of your original text? With which frequency?
–        Translation quality level expected? (sufficient for the understanding, good, excellent)
–        Reverso Localize offers advanced customized machine translation. You can, if you wish, ask for an additional human revision of the automatically translated texts (revision = proofreading and improvement). Are you interested in the human revision?

About your original text
–        Is your text “clean”? (Spelling mistakes, all in the same language…)
–        Do you use a technical vocabulary?
–        Is there in your original text numerous recurrent words or expressions?

Besides, when you will send us an email to ask for a quote, feel free to attache an extract of your original text, in CSV or XML format.

For any enquiry about a translation of your professional website, contact 


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